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What is glowing skin and how do we get it?

We say that someone is glowing when they appear to radiate health and flawless skin from within. Their skin is soft, moist and clear of any spots or imperfections. Who doesn’t want this?

Glowing skin works in two ways:

From the inside (in terms of what you ingest reflecting on your skin), and topically (meaning what you put on top of your skin helping to further show off this radiance). Things like pollution, stress and skin type also play a part, but lets see what we can practically do on a daily basis to help.

The following tips will assist with the GLOW you’ve always wanted:

  • Drinking plenty of water has long been top of the list for healthy, glowing skin. How much is enough? More than you are currently having!

  • What you put in is what you get out. We all know how important it is to eat healthily and it’s not just for our waistlines’ sake. Our brains, gut, internal organs and our skin (the largest organ on our bodies) all benefit from good amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidant-rich foods. Make sure you eat good amounts of fruit, veggies and nuts. Herbal teas, veggie juices, nut butters and fruit smoothies all pack a powerful punch.

  • Cleansing is key. Before you paint a picture, you make sure the canvas is prepped and ready. An uneven, dirty canvas will leave you with a poor painting, no matter how good your tools of the trade are. Find a natural cleanser that suits your skin type, one that will effectively clean away oil, dirt and pollution and will not clog your pores. Make sure the ingredients include plant extracts and hydrating oils.

Remember: Cleanse your face TWICE a day

  • Massage your cleanser into your skin gently, working in circular movements from the centre out.

  • They say that every time you cleanse your face, you should do it twice. If you can’t do this each time, try to do it every second or third day.

  • Exfoliate your skin. This goes for your body as well, especially during summer when you bare more skin (but really all year round). When we exfoliate or polish our skin, we remove the outer layer of dead skin cells leaving the surface smoother and clearer. This new skin reflects light and therefore makes skin appear brighter.

  • Massaging fine particles of naturally abrasive materials, such as sugar or salt into your skin also stimulates blood flow. This activates the skin and aids skin renewal, all brilliant for fresh, glowing skin.

  • Masks. What brilliant bombs of goodness these powerful products are. Leave a mask full of natural goodness on exfoliated skin and watch the glow begin. By leaving these ingredients on your skin to soak away and work their magic, you are treating your skin to vitamins and minerals that will hydrate and enrich the dermis and epidermis. Masks are wonderful things if you don’t use one, start.

Get ready to bare it all – Get The Glow with our Glowing Body Polish.

The ritual…..

Wash your body with our beautiful Litchi & Titch Luxurious Wash. Lather up this gentle gel and massage it into your skin. Using a sponge will give you extra foam but remember that natural products don’t foam as much as others. After you have rinsed off the body wash, it’s time to scoop some of our Glowing Body Polish out of the tub and gently massage it into your damp skin. Stand away from the water if you are in the shower, or stand up in the bath. This will allow the sugar crystals to melt away naturally leaving your skin covered in the nourishing oils this scrub contains. Coconut, Paw Paw, Baobab, Sweet Almond – divine.

Enjoy the moment and let the oils work their magic.

Very gently pat yourself dry, don’t rub away your glow.

*Please be careful with wet hands and glass containers in the shower.


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