Our Rose Water Mist is a beautifully hydrating and uplifting fine mist spray, that can be used on your face as well as on your linen.  Because of the inclusion of Colloidal Silver in this product, our Rose Mist is also soothing and gently healing skin inflammations. The aroma of Roses will remind you of Turkish Delight and many say it also ’takes them back to bygone times.


Rose Water is gently nourishing to the skin and a wonderfully soothing and refreshing way to add moisture throughout the day.  It assists with skin tone and is a fabulous ‘pick-me-up’ on a low day.


Rose Water is also said to help reduce anxiety, banish bad energy and even improve libido! Let us know. 



  • Keep a bottle of Rose Mist in your handbag and refresh your skin with a fine spray when you feel the need. Wonderful during the hot Summer months.
  • Spray on a scarf as a fragrance that will last throughout the day.
  • Gorgeous as a Pillow Mist, as Rose Water is said to help with better sleep.
  • Directions For Use

    Hold bottle at arms length and spray in a circle around your face.  Allow the mist to fall all over your face and neck.

    Also use on linen or as a room mist.

  • Ingredients

    Rose Water, Colloidal Silver

  • Packaging

    100ml Glass Bottle, with atomiser spray and silver cap.