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Litchi & Titch began its journey in 2017 with one product, a uniquely African paw paw healing salve/balm. This plant and essential oil enriched ‘Beauty Balm’ was the beginning of the journey we are still travelling.

Our interpretation of the iconic healing paw paw balms, so popular in other parts of the world, became the foundation for collecting plant-based body and skincare products you see today. 

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While looking for an African oil to blend with paw paw for our original Beauty Balm, we stumbled upon the unique synergy of benefits baobab oil, and paw paw extract delivered.

This deeply nourishing and healing combination of vitamins, omegas and nutrients provide a powerhouse of skin nutrition.


You will still find both baobab & paw paw in every one of our Body Care items, from our little pots of Lip Balm to our delicious Body Oils.


Skincare was a natural progression and has become the cornerstone of the Litchi & Titch collection. Plant-based, clean-beauty products cleanse, nourish and provide effective benefits to many skin concerns.


Our Skincare products focus on ‘Pro-Ageing’, ‘Sensitive’ or ‘All’ skin needs. Those in Pink Boxes support anti-ageing and deep skin hydration, while those in Green boxes focus more on sensitive and problem-prone skin.


The science of nature is a powerful doctor.



Litchi & Titch takes pride in its ‘all natural’ byline.

Litchi & Titch is ‘All Natural’, and we take this ‘term’ very seriously.  


Our products are developed using oils and extracts from plants, seeds, fruits and flowers. No chemicals, fillers, fragrance oils or toxic ingredients are found in our formulations.

Treading lightly on this beautiful planet is vital, and our eco-conscious antenna is always up. We are firmly against animal cruelty, and none of our products or ingredients in them has ever been tested on animals.*

Standing firmly behind OUR MISSION with every new step taken, we SIMPLY LET NATURE LEAD THE WAY. 


*Our Skin Care range is VEGAN; however, you will find Beeswax in our Beauty and Lip balms found in the Body Care lines.

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Our Mission 

To create plant-based Skincare and Body products which are as indulgent as they are effective. Botanical science delivers unsurpassed skin nourishment and healing.


Seed, fruit, plant and flower oils form the foundation of our eco-conscious, skin nurturing and cruelty-free brand.


Simply Natural. We let nature lead the way.



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Lecia Durham

As the founder and creator of Litchi & Titch, Lecia has a long and varied career in the skincare industry and comes from a strong background in range building, product formulation, marketing and sales.

With a passion for the natural health industry, cosmetics and all things environmentally conscious,  Lecia is the driving force behind the brand curation from conception through to design and market focus.


Carsten & Claudia

A chance meeting with two beautiful souls, who fell in love with the potential of a small range, has given Litchi & Titch opportunities and wisdom we could never have believed possible.  


This support has enabled the brand to grow and blossom through some of the toughest and most challenging times in business. It has also enabled us to open a market for our brand in Germany. Other international pursuits will follow when the time is right.

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