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  • Where does your signature fragrance come from?
    When we originally developed our line of Paw Paw & Baobab Body products we needed to find the perfect scent. After much trial and error, we stumbled across the fragrance we still have today - A curated blend of Rose Geranium, Mint & Lavender. This blend is found in our 'PINK' line of Body products. This beautiful fragrance coupled with the fact that all thes products are enriched with Paw Paw & Baobab makes them unique in the market and delicious for your skin.
  • What are your most popular skincare products?
    Our skincare is very popular in general and once launced gave our body products a real 'run for their money'! The top selling and most popular items are our: Hydration & Anti Ageing Serum No. 1, Oil Cleanser, Day Cream and Face Mist. Our Calming & Clarifying Face Mask Brightening & Balancing Serum No. 3, Foamingh Cleanser and Night Cream.
  • What is the best product for anti-ageing?
    Our entire Hydration & Anti-Ageing (PINK) line of skincare is brillant at fighting the signs of ageing, however the Serum No. 1, Oil Cleanser and Day Cream in this range work brilliantly together to reduce fine lines, aid elasticity and encourage deep and lasting hydration.
  • What is the best product for my sensitive skin?
    Our Calming & Clarifying line of skincare has been specifically designed with sensitive skins in mind. Cooling and soothing is the name of the game. The day cream in this range has no added essential oils and is enriched with Colloidal Oatmeal and Paw Paw which are healing and incredibly soothing. The Foaming Cleanser from the (GREEN) range is also wonderfully clearing to pores, while still soothing to sensitive skins.
  • I want Glowing Skin, How do I achieve this?"
    Our Brightening & Balancing line of skincare has been specifically curated to help with skin nutrition and GLOW! The No. 3 Serum which falls into this (PURPLE) line of products is top seller for its Glowing and Balancing effects on skin. The Face Exfolitator in this line is also excellent at assisting skin glow and can even be used as a Cleanser/Exfoliator in one. Leaves your skin soft, smooth and glowing!
  • What are your most popular Body Products?
    It all began with our Paw Paw & Baobab Beuaty Balm and this product is still our top sellling body product. Nobody should be without a Beauty Balm in their hand bag or next to their bed! Use for all dry skin patches...from lips and cuticles to eczema or a mild rash. Our Rose Geranium/Mint & Lavender variant is still the most popular but Lime & Coconut and Jasmine & Naartjie are also firm favourites.
  • Do you have a question that you don't find an answer for?
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