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Is there anything better than submerging yourself in a warm bath of water, filled with glorious natural oils? Bathing is a ritual dating back hundreds and thousands of years. Primarily for cleansing and relaxing, bathing is a spiritual way of washing away the day’s impurities. Today bathing in a tub is a ritual not afforded to many, so if you are one of the lucky ones, consider it a genuine privilege.

Warm water in itself is soothing, calming and relaxing for tired muscles and aching joints. Add a combination of essential and hydrating oils and you are set for a spa-like experience. One that will relax your body, calm your spirit and de-stress your mind. Let your thoughts drift and your body de-compress. Consciously make the most of such a special blessing.

Of course, our skin can benefit the most if we make use of natural plant oils that nourish and moisturize, as we lie back and soak. Natural plant oils are rich in nutrients and given the opportunity will soak into your skin, leaving it and you feeling nurtured and pampered. Essential oils are beyond wonderful and add their own special dimension of excellence, enhancing the experience from superb to sublime.

Have you ever made your own bath oil?

Almost any essential oil or combination thereof can be used in your bath water, it all depends on which you prefer. Just remember that stronger oils like Lime, Mint and some Citrus oils may cause skin irritations if not used carefully.

If you want to choose oils for their benefits, there is a great deal of information online. (I have added a brief table below of the basics).

Remember to always do a patch test when making your own bath oil, especially if using oils you’ve never used before. If pregnant, use calming or what are called ‘down regulating’ oils, like Lavender, Chamomile or Ylang Ylang. (Check with your doctor if you have any complications, to be on the safe side).

Besides your favourite essential oil (my absolute best are Neroli, Rose Geranium, Ylang Ylang and Jasmine) you need a carrier oil. These are oils like Jojoba or Sweet Almond, that form the base of your oil mixture. What you most probably have at home, which would work beautifully, are Olive or Coconut Oil.

Mix around 10 drops of essential oil/s in about a tablespoon of your carrier oil and place into your bath water once drawn. Don’t add the oils to the running water, as this will break them down. Gently stir the water around with your hand to mix the oils in.

Remember to be extra careful when getting into the bath, as the floor of your tub may be slippery.

Lie back and relax. It really is that simple and that blissful.

Other plant oils, besides essential oils, can also be added to warm water and have more skin focused and enhancing benefits. Here we are talking of oils such as Argan Oil and Litchi & Titch’s favourite, Baobab Oil.

Baobab Oil is packed full of goodness. Derived from the seeds of the baobab fruit, this golden oil boasts three omega fatty acids; 3,6 and 9 as well as other rare fatty acids. On top of this, it contains vitamins A, D, E and F and an extremely high concentration of Vit C.

We all know how brilliant Vit C is for anti-ageing as well as brightening our skin.

Omega fatty acids are excellent anti-oxidants, which fight free radicals on the surface of your skin. Free radicals are atoms with ‘unpaired electrons’. Electrons like to pair up and cause damage to our skin while they search for a mate. This damage causes ageing, breakouts and other stress on the surface of the skin.

Think of free radicals like dirt and chemicals sitting on the surface of an apple. Omega fatty acids are like clean, freshwater washing the impurities away.

We love Baobab Oil so much, we have incorporated it into every single one of our Body care products!

There must be quite a few things a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them – Sylvia Plath

Simple Essential Oil Guide:

Lavender – Stress relief, calming, helps with insomnia.

Rose – Eases aching muscles, helps with scarring.

Chamomile – Antidepressant, calms nerves.

Jasmine – Helps with PMS, reduces scars and muscle spasms.

Lemon – Fights fevers and boosts the immune system, clears nasal passages.

Neroli – Calming and warming.

Sweet Orange - Relief from inflammation, wound disinfectant.

The best part about all of this is that we have a range of 6 gorgeous essential oils blends.


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