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Our Essential Oil Blends are all pure EO combinations. No additional oils or fragrances are added. Each blend has been curated with its particular benefit in mind, as well as to create a beautiful new and unique aroma.

HOME is a perfect EO to burn in your kitchen or open plan living space. It helps mask food smells and fills your home with a warm, slightly spicy aroma. A blend of warming Vanilla, Refreshing Lime and Spicy Ginger combine to create this unique scent.

  • Directions For Use

    Our Essential Oils have so many uses but these are some of our favourites:

    • Add to your room diffuser. Between 6-10 or more drops should be sufficient.
    • Use a tea light burner with some water to dilute the oils.
    • Add to your bath water as is, or with a teaspoon of carrier oil such as Olive Oil.
    • Place a few drops on an OLD scarf and drape over your pillow at night. (great for our SLEEP blend)
    • A drop or two inside your mask can really help to uplift your mood.
    • Add a few drops to the melted wax of candles that have lost their fragrance. This works particularly well with tea light candles.
    • Add a drop to your daily moisturiser for extra flower power.
    • Add a few drops to massage oils for extra potency.

    EO Blends are all Vegan friendly, not tested on animals and made from pure, first-grade flower oils.

    Please remember to consult your doctor when using essential oils if pregnant or breastfeeding.

    Don’t put pure oils directly onto your skin as they MAY burn.

  • Care Instructions

    Store in a cool, dry place below 25 degrees celsius room temperature, away from direct sunlight.

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