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THE Serum is a unique product in the Litchi & Titch range.  

The only stand-alone item in our Skincare line-up, offering unrivalled benefits to all 'skin types and so many varying 'skin NEEDS'.  


All-natural, specifically curated ingredients, have been carefully formulated into a lightweight Gel-Lotion that glides effortlessly onto skin, leaving a satin-like residue. This beautiful product melts into the dermis, fighting skin concerns at a cellular level.  


Intensely hydrating and anti-ageing while boosting skin elasticity and texture.  Soothing, nourishing and healing to problem skin concerns, anti-inflammatory and calming to reactive and inflamed skin.  


THE Serum also boosts skin glow through tone correcting, anti-oxidant rich plant extracts. Wonderful for dark spots and reducing the visibility of light scarring. Packed with plant-derived vitamins, minerals and nutrients.


THE Serum is a miracle in a bottle.


Use daily, morning and/or evening.