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Essential oils bring us so many wonderful benefits, from assistance with mental health; through mood enhancement, to physical health benefits; like fighting pain and fever.

For Litchi & Titch, it is the benefits to skin and skincare that we are most interested in. These flower oils are gorgeous additions to any skincare routine and I'd like to share my favourite 3 with you:

1. Tea Tree for blemishes

People with more problematic and blemish-prone skin, know the smell of Tea Tree only too well. It has long been used in skincare products with a focus on acne, pimples and sensitivity etc, and for good reason. Tea Tree is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and clearing of clogged pores. It also acts as an antiseptic which means it is excellent at healing minor cuts and wounds - think acne scars.

To top it off Tea Tree is soothing to the skin, so not only does it fight skin problems through its powerful ‘medicinal’ style benefits, but it also soothes inflamed skin, calms redness and reduces swelling. All of this make Tea Tree a perfect choice for the skin concerns mentioned above.

Tea Tree also helps to combat dry skin and dry skin patches like eczema. It helps reduce itchiness so often associated with flakey and dry skin concerns.

A totally brilliant EO for skin in need of its specific assistance.

2. Grapefruit for its Vit C content and anti-inflammatory benefits.

This is a wonderful EO for both anti-ageing as well as problem-prone skin. The Vit C content in Grapefruit EO helps with skin glow and assists with anti-ageing. This Vit C also helps maintain skin immunity and general health. Full of antioxidants EO helps with the fight against Free Radical damage which in turn helps with anti-ageing. It also has excellent antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which means it helps fight infection which could lead to blackheads and other clogged pore complications on the skin.

We use this brilliant oil frequently in our Anti-ageing line as well as our Brightening & Balancing Line of skincare. It also smells fresh and gorgeous!

3. Lavender is such a versatile EO, used for centuries to calm and soothe the mind, body and soul.

It has excellent benefits for the skin and can often be found in both anti-ageing as well as ‘problem' skin related products. Lavender is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal as well as anti-inflammatory, making it an excellent choice for pimples or acne-prone skin. It helps reduce bacterial build-up and thereby assists in eliminating and reducing clogged pores. As Lavender is also soothing and calming to the skin, it works well on these sensitive and inflamed areas to both reduce bacterial build up as well as calm the skin. What an excellent healing solution!

This beautiful oil is also full of antioxidants which we know help fight free radical damage to the skin. In this way, Lavender is anti-ageing. It assists in evening skin tone and texture and is often added to creams that fight dark skin patches.

Essential Oils are delicate but powerful. They should be used carefully and according to instructions.

I love it when essential oils feature in skincare and body products. Why would you use a chemical fragrance with no skin benefit if you can introduce an essential oil that lends both beautiful aromas as well as specific benefits to the skin?


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