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Wellness Beauty is not a new concept, but it is one that encompasses everything we stand for at Litchi & Titch. Looking at beauty and skincare more holistically and incorporating it into our everyday lives in a more meaningful way, is a game changer.


But what exactly do we mean by Wellness Beauty?


The current health and beauty environment is unique in so many ways.  Not the least of which is the merging of beauty, health and wellness into one unique entity.  Never before have these three previously ‘stand-alone’ concepts, been so harmoniously combined.

‘Beauty’ is no longer a term used to discuss our outward appearance.  Beauty truly has become more than just ‘skin deep’ and now encompasses our overall health and wellbeing. 


After all, we are our most beautiful when we are our healthiest and most grounded selves.  Physically, mentally and spiritually.


Let’s delve a little deeper…


Mental Health

It is only in the past decade or so, that we have considered our mental health as such an important aspect of our overall well-being.  Self-care forms a big part of this thinking, and daily activities that help us in this regard are becoming more and more important.


But how does this relate to skin and body care?

When we are down, depressed or very stressed, we can see it on our skin.  Breakouts are more prevalent, dull skin tone is common and fluctuations in dry and oilier skin texture, more frequent. Taking better care of your skin during low mental health times, not only helps your skin through change, but makes you feel better about yourself.


The added ‘up-side’, is that rituals involving water and massage (so often present when we cleanse our skin and apply serums and moisturisers etc..) will lift our spirits and calm our general state of mind. 


We are in essence, showing ourselves that We matter.


Spiritual Health


Such a deep and diverse topic, with entire categories in book shops devoted to knowledge in this area.

For me, one of the key elements of spiritual health, is to find your higher purpose. What is it that makes you feel like you are acting out of a greater good for others, your community and your environment.

There is no right or wrong, but once you find it, grow with it and add to it. 

Be conscious and present in the moments when you are engaging in activities that serve a greater purpose and be actively grateful for the opportunity to be doing what you are doing.


Giving back is often one of the best and easiest ways of awakening this area of our lives. 


Why not try helping out at a charity, finding a home for a stray dog, picking flowers from your garden to give to a neighbour, filling a ‘Woolies’ bag with feminine products and other necessities, to pass onto someone in need, paying it forward at the checkout….


If you look, you will find the possibilities all around you.


A woman sitting on a pear at sunset
Take time out to simply 'be'


Physical Health

Any movement is good.  Dan Buettner, who researched and presented ‘The Blue Zones’ (Netflix documentary) noted the positive impact even a small amount of physical activity has on a person.  He presented this activity as being ‘key to the longevity of life’, for the people living in the Blue Zones.

Dan’s lesson, is that movement (any movement that you do consistently), will benefit your health and therefor the length of your life. 

Going to the gym, running or cycling etc.. are all great, but remember that stretching, walking and housework are all forms of physical activity and done mindfully, can genuinely assist with your physical health and wellbeing.


A point to note here, is consistency.  Small steps done continuously, will move you forward in the right direction.  Big leaps done erratically will have a counter-productive effect, not only on your physical health, but your mental health as well.  


A woman walking in sunflowers with her dog
A gentle stroll with your favourite furry friend can do wonders for your mind, as well as your body



Sleep, or the lack thereof and pamper skin rituals to help

We all know how important getting the right amount of good quality sleep is.  However, at some point or another, we have also all struggled with poor sleep patterns and seen how negatively they affect our daily lives.

Hormones and stress are the two primary factors affecting our quality of sleep.

Many people find night-time rituals very helpful in this regard. 

Drinking a warm beverage, listening to soothing music, lighting candles or soaking in a warm bath.  Calming rituals really do help.

Essential flower oils are liquid gold when it comes to soothing and relaxing your mind and body.  Use in your bath water, add to room diffusers or candles, or drop on your pillow or heat sack.

Popular choices for assisting with sleep are Lavender, Chamomile, Frankensence and Neroli.

Gently massaging your face and body with serums or lotion can relax muscles and release toxins. Touch is a very underrated calming technique.

Face and Body mists with calming aromas are a beautiful way to calm and soothe your skin and general energy levels. 

The goal is to sleep soundly and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to meet the challenges of the day. If you happen to benefit from beautifully glowing and super nourished skin in the process, your mood will be even further lifted!


This is not a selfish concept, but rather stems from the knowledge that we can better serve our families, friends, colleges and communities, if we pour from a full cup.


Doing things that serve and enrich your mental wellbeing, is so important for spiritual and emotional peace.  Again, it’s the seemingly little rituals and acts that we can do daily that build up over time and have a tremendous impact.


Taking the dog for a walk in the early morning, reading a chapter of a self-growth book, learning 3 Yoga poses or body stretches to practice daily.  Drinking 2L of water, taking an art class, writing in a journal, the list is endless. 


It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it feeds your soul and you find peace, creativity or joy while doing it.


It’s interesting to note that research indicates the following aspects, as being key when engaging in activities that enrich your soul;

Fragrance, appearance, touch, sound, colour, inclusivity or exclusivity, individual lifestyle choices and multifunctional or cross-category items/products.


So many links to self-care and pamper style products!

This topic is so diverse and covers a multitude of topics. I look forward to exploring further in subsequent Blog posts.

Yours in Wellness Beauty



Lecia Durham

Founder Litchi & Titch Naturals

March '24 


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