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If you’ve found yourself at a loss for how to celebrate Valentine's Day, an anniversary or create a romantic ambience without leaving home, you aren’t alone. Have no fear, though.

We have created this how-to guide to help you plan the perfect picnic date:


Plan everything ahead of time so you can pretend you’re far away from home. Make sure you have everything you need in advance so that you are not constantly running into the house for anything. Otherwise, you’ll break the illusion of being away from it all. (Of course, bathrooms breaks don’t apply.)

You’ll also want to make sure you scope out the backyard ahead of time for the perfect picnic spot. Find a cosy corner with the best view of the sky. While a patio or deck might be more suitable for eating, grass will make it feel more like the real thing.

Check the weather

You’ll want to plan your romantic picnic date for two early enough that you have time to prepare all the essentials, but not so early that you can’t factor in the sunset. You don’t want your romantic dinner for two to be ruined by missing the sun going down. But the beauty of being in your backyard means that you’re never far from a shelter should the weather drastically change.

Plan the meal

Will you do something simple, like wine and cheese? Or would you prefer a complete meal of finger foods, including dessert? Cooking your significant other’s favourite dish, or one that brings back a cherished memory can be an especially romantic gesture—especially if it’s not something you prepare often.

Regardless, make sure to pack cutlery if your meal will require it.

And if you’re planning on serving wine, make sure you pack glasses and an opener. Even romance has a practical side.


This is how you make the outing feel more romantic.

Candles, flowers, music…whatever you two consider being romantic should be packed or set up in advance.

If you’re planning to use candles, make sure they’ll be placed in a safe spot, or get battery-powered tea lights. If you plan on playing music, make sure your player has fresh batteries or is fully charged—you don’t want the music to stop inconveniently.


While a picnic basket would certainly complete the picture, nothing says you have to have one. A cardboard box, plastic bin or even a backpack can work. Whatever you use, just make sure you pack your food in reverse order so it’s easy to get out the items you need in the order you’ll need them.

If you plan on surprising your partner with a gift, make sure you hide it somewhere he or she won’t spot it.

Also pack the essentials – insect repellant, torch, serviettes, blankets, maybe even pillows.

While plasticware is usually recommended for picnics, your backyard location lets you add a touch of elegance to your picnic with real cutlery that can be popped in the dishwasher afterwards.

The best part about a backyard picnic is that you can plan it for any time of day or night since backyards don’t close because of curfews. So whether you want to watch the sunset, the sunrise or watch clouds together, your backyard is the perfect place to enjoy a picnic (and one another) in peace and privacy.


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