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THE SERUM BOTANICAL INFUSION unrivalled benefits to all skin types

THE Serum is our so-called ‘miracle’ serum. The only stand-alone item in our skincare line-up, offering unrivalled benefits to all skin types and for so any varying skin NEED’S. All natural and specifically curated ingredients have been formulated into a lightweight Gel-Lotion that glides effortlessly onto your skin, leaving a satin-like finish.

Intensely hydrating and anti-ageing while boosting skin elasticity and texture. Soothing,nourishing and healing to problem skin concerns, anti-inflammatory and calming to reactive and inflamed skin. THE Serum boosts skin glow through tone-correcting, antioxidant-rich plant extracts. Wonderful for dark spots and reducing the visibility of light scarring.

THE Serum contains several of our firm-favourites when it comes to powerful plant

ingredients. Baobab, Rosehip, Aloe Ferox, Squalane and Hyaluronic Acid pop up again, as their effectiveness is undeniable.

We have, however, also introduced an exciting new complex. ‘Smart Complex for Cutaneous Multi Protection’ or GSP-T for short. This is a powerful antioxidant-rich ingredient-complex combining Swill Pinot Noir grapes and natural Tocopherols, which are Vit E compounds and derivatives. Together this potent ingredient packs a serious punch.

  • The protection GSP-T offers skin, against free radical damage, has been peer-tested and results show excellent effectiveness.

  • The complex boosts natural collagen production by protecting your skin against

  • normal ageing, which directly affects the degradation and quality of the collagen our skins produce.

  • Inflammation causes reactions on the surface of the skin resulting in redness andeven Rosacea. The GSP-T Complex reduces this activity and calms the skin, helpingto eliminate redness and reaction.

  • Oxidative Stress is very detrimental to the skin. When the level of oxidants exceeds the antioxidant defence systems capacity to cope, we can find what is called Oxidative Stress. This activity on the skin leads to chronic inflammation which in turn causes further chain reactions. The primary one being collagen fragmentation and disorganisation of the collagen fibres. This results in poor skin cell functioning and can even lead to skin diseases. The GSP-T complex protects against the damaging effects of this oxidative stress.

  • When skin is stressed is loses tone and texture and the beautiful glow we are allafter becomes even more elusive. The GSP-T Complex is excellent at smoothing skin that has become uneven in tone and texture due to external as well as internal stressors.

  • All of the antioxidant benefits discussed above form the foundation for skin nourishment and hydration which of course assist greatly in the anti-ageing process.

As if this wasn’t enough, we have also added a cocktail of vitamins to further assist skin regeneration and nutrition.

VIT B3 – NIACINAMIDE – This helps build Keratin, leading to firm supple skin. Minimizes redness and blotchiness and helps grow a lipid barrier to retain moisture. besides so much more. This is a wonder Vitamin!

VIT B5 – PANTHENOL – Helps decrease inflammation and heals wounds such as small cuts and broken skin from breakouts. Great for Acne!

VIT E – TOCOPHEROL – An anti-ageing Superhero, as well as treating acne scarring through skin rejuvenation. Vit E is also smoothing and softening to skin.

VIT C – SODIUM ASCORBYL PHOSPHATE – Focusses on skin health and protection against external factors. Brilliant Skin Brightener!

The cherry on top of this gorgeous Serum is two beautiful Essential Oils, Rose Geranium and Neroli, that have been added due to their benefit as well as their aroma. It really does smell heavenly.

Your skin will adore the beautiful benefits this unique serum has to offer.


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