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When an artist paints a picture, it goes without saying that the canvas used is in perfect condition. Clean and free of any dirt or debris. This perfect canvas forms the ideal foundation for the artists impressions.

In the same way, we need to make sure our skins are in the best condition possible before we treat them with serums, exfoliators, masks, daily make up or simply a face cream. The best results are achieved when the ‘canvas’ is well prepared.

How does the saying go? ‘If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail..’

Double Cleansing is the perfect way to prepare your skin each morning and evening. Even if you do nothing else, cleansing well is vital.

THE BEST way to really clean your skin, is to cleanse it twice. We have all experienced some level of disappointment after cleansing. Either traces of make-up still remain, or we simply feel like our skin is not as clean or nourished as it could be.

When we use natural plant-based skin care products, there are no strong chemicals to strip skin of surface impurities. These stronger chemical-based products may make our skin feel clean (and often very tight) but they not at all good for us. Natural products are by nature (excuse the pun!), gentler and less invasive on your skin. There is not ‘stripping’, only nourishing and enriching.

Here is how it works….

The FIRST cleanse removes make-up, perspiration, pollution and other impurities that have settled on the surface of your skin. Obviously, this is more prevalent in the evening, after a day of being on the go. However, we do perspire during the night and may sleep in air-conditioned environments, so the same theory applies.

The SECOND cleanse is effectively cleaning, ‘already clean skin’. This means that the cleanser can really go to work on the skin itself. All the other impurities have been taken care of with the first cleanse. The second cleanse gives your skin a deep clean, as well as removing any traces of make-up etc. that may have been left behind during the first cleanse.

*If you have ever washed your hair twice before conditioning, you know what I’m talking about. You can feel the difference. It’s almost the exact same principle.

This Double Cleansing ritual leaves your skin super clean and very well nourished. The benefits of your cleanser really do shine through. You are effectively giving your product the opportunity to clean and nourish into the deeper layers of your skin.

Now we need to take this Double Cleansing routine, to the next level. This involves using two different style cleansers. One for each cleanse. By doing this, you capitalise on the variety of benefits the cleansers have to offer. Combined you are providing your skin with excellent care and attention. You are preparing that canvas very well.

Cleansers differ in their formulation type; from milk or foam to oil cleansers. This means that the ingredients and targeted skin concerns are also different.

Let’s be honest, our skins go through so many different phases and our menstrual cycles can also affect our skins on a daily basis. By using cleansers with different benefits, you can design your own daily cocktail!

For example, you may have dry skin that also has the occasional hormone related breakout. You will be able to focus on both of these skin concerns at the same time, by targeting the different skin issues with specific and relevant cleansers. What a win.

At Litchi & Titch we recommend you use our Oil Cleanser First followed by a Foaming Cleanser of your choice. Oils attract other oils, and when removed all the impurities come away together. This makes oil cleansing a great option to start with for perspiration and make up removal. The Foaming cleanser can then get to work, deep cleaning your pores and nourishing your skin. No tight feeling and no chemicals. Simply Natural is always best.


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